Examples of work and types of businesses I have worked with over the last few years

Premier Inn Logo.png
Premier Inn German Website 2.PNG

Developed new site section in German language “for kids” on the Premier Inn site

Unique content created by blogger influencers enhancing "trust and relatability” for German travellers

Impressions and site visits increased by 38%

Digital campaign – raising awareness and visibility in Germany

Premier Inn Germany


Increase visits from German tourists to London

Raise brand awareness, increase website engagement, while presenting Premier Inn brand identity as family friendly


Workshops and brainstorming sessions to develop campaign theme and content ideas


German travel audience research, content gap review to understand interests and searched topics

Competitor review to establish quality and style of existing content


Developed "London for Kids campaign" for German families


Commissioned themed content written by German bloggers visiting London

Developed survey topic to gather insight and PR hook to interest German families - "How kids influence decision making today."

Promotion planned across social media and PR using competition pack developed with Premier Inn

Content published and promoted against objectives for reach, engagement and brand

LUSH Logo.png
Lush Website.png

Highly engaged teams - each gained an appreciation for roles they play in digital marketing

Full proposal requested to support migration activity, content support and SEO

International Digital Marketing Workshop



Support LUSH's international digital marketing team in a time of significant change for website structure and language handing for global websites

Provide best practices for international SEO, assess LUSH's readiness to manage upcoming changes and outline risks involved for ongoing content creation and management


Review of domain structure, language targeting, SEO and content against International SEO best practice


Developed bespoke workshop to deliver to key stakeholders 

Included activities to recognise strengths and weaknesses of current performance, competing demands between digital teams and fostered honest dialogue on strengths and weaknesses of upcoming project

Provided training content to support teams who would have to hold further internal discussions to mitigate risks

World Service.png

2017 saw the strongest digital growth for BBC World Service to date.  


Digital activities contributed to 8% growth bringing global news audiences to 346m. 

Established lasting processes for content selection and promotion.

Trained local market teams (audience engagement professionals) to undertake promotion work locally.

SEO and digital promotion

BBC World Service


Engage younger audiences outside of the UK through organic and digital promotional activities.

Provide direction and strategy for a large organisation with widespread content creators (journalists and editors), centralised creative, marketing and research functions.


Supply expertise to organise, structure and deliver wide scale targeted content promotion activity in multiple languages.


Assessed foundation for organic search through technical and domain strategy reviews.


SEO recommendations ensured that BBC World Service would be found across a variety of international search engines including Yandex, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Coordinated research across international markets to feed into the global promotion strategy.

Research included usage of platforms with promotion options including facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, linkedin, yahoo! and Taboola.

Regular content promotion planned by country targeting the clients’ focus audience. Planning underpinned by an understanding of local online behaviours across 51 markets in 26 languages.

Developed new processes with the BBC teams’ for the selection of content and production of promotional formats. Part of a team that managed promotion of numerous content rounds.

Campaign planning and execution of annual events such as 100 Women features, African Footballer of the Year and Arabic Film Awards.

Jo Malone London Logo.png
Jo Malone London Website.png

Managed agency and client team to exceed planned objectives 


Secured an extended contract


Upsold further research work and support for JML to support specific campaigns


Digital Marketing Management - Strategy, pitch and account management

Jo Malone London


Provide a compelling strategy and pitch for ongoing  SEO, content and international digital marketing for ecommerce website

Demonstrate how to improve international performance through SEO best practice, while supporting JML through redesign and content refreshes


Researched and outlined a strategy for effectively managing digital marketing across numerous markets and international teams

Included original data analysis designed and presented to effectively summarise how strategy would work

Outlined opportunities available to JML across technical SEO, content optimisation and migration planning

Scoped effort and provided plans for annual activity against key objectives against budgets

Brighton SEO Logo.png
Brighton SEO Website.png

Delivered training over last 4 years

Great feedback from attendees and lots of international SEO disciples

Training and development for industry professionals



Twice a year Brighton SEO brings together professionals from across the world to Europe’s largest SEO conference  


Provide up to date and engaging full day training on International SEO for individuals, agency representatives and large organisations.


Research and maintenance of an up-to-date International SEO course that covers a range of topics including, content, managing optimisation across multiple languages and sites, quality assurance, cultural nuances, cultural UX, domain set up, international search engines and much much more

Day designed with activities to keep the day engaging and enjoyable for a range of knowledge levels and different industries. Fun SEO related activities and challenges!

Wise Monkey Logo.png
Wise Monkey Website.png

Fulfilled responses required for Wise Monkey to confidently proceed with the event

Increased co-founders’ sense of confidence in presenting the opportunity.

Developed email event template to use for future communications

Email marketing and event planning

Wise Monkey Financial Coaching


Secure confirmations via email marketing paid event within a short time-frame


Provide confidence for Wise Monkey Financial Coaching that attendance will be high enough to make the event a success


Analysis of historic campaigns sent to the target segment. Redesigned email layout to increase reading clarity


Developed new copy to improve clarity for readers and provide a compelling story to incite excitement


Improved call to actions to increase survey responses and data gathered

Developed schedule for event in consultation with keynote speaker